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Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd provides Sec and JC Chemistry tuition. Our dedicated and caring chemistry teachers are all NIE trained and well versed with the current chemistry content. You can be rest assured that you are in good hands.

Hi there,This is Mrs Lew, your fantastic Chemistry Teacher. I was a ex-school teacher from Maris Stella High School and Crescent Girls’ School.
Do you have a problem coping with Chemistry or find that you cannot breakthrough from where you are? Get some help from me! I can save you lots of time trying to figure out facts and solutions on your own. You can then use you time more effectively doing other interesting and fun things.
Many parents and students want to know how I teach Chemistry.
The study of Chemistry consists of 2 parts. The first part is the facts and learning them very well. The second part is the application of these facts. Most students do not grasp the concepts well and find it challenging to score distinctions.My technique consists of both of these and I can ensure that students know their work. AMAZING?? Basically, I will start off all students with the basics of chemistry regardless of how knowledgeable they are. That means I will revise all the Secondary 3 work with them (If they are Secondary 4 students). In this way, I can be sure students get the basics right and I have not missed anything out.Students from all over Singapore have benefited from my teaching techniques. Read the testimonials to find out more!

I have other Chemistry teachers at Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd as well. They are just as experienced and well-versed in Chemistry as I am.



I’ve most definitely improved since the start of this tuition course. Your notes are really useful


Mrs Lew has been an extremely accommodating and understanding tutor.


Mrs Lew has been earnest and zealous in her approach in teaching Chemistry

Ms Lim (Chem)

Hi Ms Lim! Thanks so much for teaching me for the past few months. I improved loads, from C5/B4 to an A2!!! Wow! J Thanks for all the patience and kindness you have shown towards me. It has been such a blessing to be in your class. You are a really funny teacher too! Hahaha… I am really going to miss you!!! Thanks again and many hugs!
Denis Chng S4 ( MGS)

Profile of Mr Yang (JC Chem)

Mr Yang studied at Raffles Institution (Gifted Education Programme) and graduated from Raffles Junior College with straight As in all subjects, including Chemistry.

In 2002, he was awarded the Public Service Commission Scholarship (Education), and read Chemistry at the National University of Singapore (NUS). There, he was placed on the Dean’s List, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, 2nd Upper Honors).

Mr Yang has had 4 years’of lecturing and tutoring experience at the Junior College level. During that time, his classes consistently ranked highly for value-addedness. He was effective, committed and responsible, and as a result of that, he was appointed subject coordinator for the GCE ‘A’ Level Science Practical Assessment (SPA) in his college.

Mr Yang firmly believes that each student has his/her own learning style, and students should therefore be guided towards developing personalized study methods which work best for them. He sees tuition, with its smaller class sizes as an ideal opportunity to do so.

Lastly, H2 Chemistry has become more challenging in recent years. The style of questioning has changed, and the papers are no longer as straightforward as they used to be.

To help students adapt to this recent trend of “novel” questions, Mr Yang has put in place a structured, three-tiered approach towards understanding the questions at the GCE ‘A’ Levels. He believes that arming students with a better understanding of the types of H2 Chemistry questions will ultimately help them obtain better grades.

Please proceed to read Mr Yang’s testimonials on the “Present” Testimonial Page.

The Proof

Take a look at the students’ results from their report book. They scored well after joining our course. Click once to enlarge the image.

Case 1: Tang Yan Yue Crescent Girls’ School


See what Yan Yue has to tell you about Mrs Lew:
You are a very great teacher, with a lot of patience. I used to hate chemistry, but you helped me with chemistry. You gave me more interest in it and more confidence! You helped me to improve in the subject. And you didn’t mind me asking so many stupid questions. Even though I didn’t really much in my grades yet, but now I understand chemistry much better, and at least I know how to solve and which way to think when doing chemistry questions. Its all thanks to you! Thank You Mrs Lew for being my chemistry teacher.

See what Aloysius has to tell you about Mrs Lew:


A page of the words can never explain how great a Chemistry teacher she is. When I first started, I never really liked Chemistry and I was not very good at it. Within the first few lessons, interest of the subject gradually increased. And so did my grades. Tuition was enjoyable and likely, and the workload was not to heavy. She understood that we had our own school work, so did not really give us much work. But that does not mean it is bad. The little work she gives works wonders. Plus the constant revision every lesson ensured we remembered every detail. Besides work, she taught us the ways of life and always encourage us to do our best, despite setbacks or failures. Generally, not only did she improve my Chemistry, she too improve me as a person.